What represents the first thing that enters your mind when you hear Pathfinder Club? Drums and rally cry, marching band and whistles etcetera. S.D.A School for speech and hearing impaired are doing it differently at the familiar beat of a drum, no whistle or rally cries. The club leaders Mr. Jason and his wife Shiney are the translators and interpreters of sign language. Pathfinder’s sign language honor was fulfilled by speech and hearing children and making them feel no different than other kids.

One of the hearings impaired pathfinder 16-year-old Padma “I acquire new things through this pathfinder club and felt valuable to be a part of the club, meeting other pathfinders.” she says. The Pathfinder’s club children feel confident and able like other pathfinders in the world.

The Pathfinder Leadership Training Program was held on 6th to the 8th of September 2019, by M G Simon Siew under the South Central India Union. The Silent Warriors Pathfinder’s Club had good time interacting with kids from other school.

It was a big inspiration to S.D.A School Speech and Hearing Impaired, in Kollegal. Silent Warriors Pathfinder Club officers and councillors who attended the program and learned precisely during the training program and render it into practice during the Pathfinder Induction Ceremony in the school. Pathfinder Induction Ceremony was conducted on September 16, 2019, under the guidance of Mr. Mohanraj Daniel, Pathfinder and Youth Director of our Union.

The flag hoisting was done by the pathfinder leaders and followed by the inspection rendered by the guests Mr. Mohanraju Daniel, Mr. Kiran and Mr. Vasanth,

After finishing the flag hoisting ceremony the pathfinders moved to the school auditorium for the Induction Ceremony where every pathfinder was inducted into the Silent Warriors Club. The ‘Spirit of Pathfindering’ candle was lightened by Mr. Mohanraj Daniel, the highest presiding pathfinder officer.

The club director and deputy directors received the candle from the officer to light the six foundation candles. Which represented the six classes of pathfinders followed by igniting the seven pledge candles and the eight law candles.


The ceremony ended with a fierce charge given by Mr. Mohanraj to the pathfinders to go light the world by deals of kindness and love.