Life in the urban slums of Vishakhapatnam in India with temporary walls are barely two-thirds the size of Central Park in Manhattan. Slums have inadequate infrastructure, lacking in proper sanitation and drinking water facility. 30% of India’s population lives on less than $1 per day. Opening a Vocational training center sponsored by Child Impact International partnering with Helping Hand Welfare Society in the slum area was the small step for huge impact.


The object of the vocational training center is to improve the standards of living of the poor and vulnerable groups. Our training program uses this method to focus on women empowerment and provides them the skill set to sustain a livelihood.

 Currently, we have a new batch of 12 women and a second batch for fashion blouse design. After each batch completes the course, completion certificate and orientation on marketing skills are given. This training empowers them socially and enables them to build confidence to financially support their family. Center trains the women from age 18-35 to become professionally skilled. Our vocational center not only focuses on skill development but also to educate them on the issues like women health, sanitation, communication skill and, so forth.


We have been providing a six-month training program on Tailoring & Embroidery to women. After completion of the training, each of the trainees is given a free sewing machine. Thank you, donors/sponsors, for a funding sewing machine for women who have completed the training program.

We want women from the slum area of Vishakhapatnam to take up this training, develop professional skill and live a life of dignity concludes Mr. Raj Varma the project director.