When in 2015, six students from SDA School for Speech and Hearing Impaired,  expressed that they would like to go for graduation and not vocational course, as was the usual trend, their principal Mr. Jacob Bhaggein went all out to support the dream of these special children. the President of Lowry College, Mr. Ravishankar welcomed the idea and Mr. Srivel Panicker was more than happy to work as an interpreter for them. This was not just the education, but was a journey of many firsts. This was first time for the mainstream students to be in an inclusive classroom. This was the first time that teachers welcomed the continuous gesturing (sign-language) in the class. This was the first time that the parents of a deaf girl had allowed her to step out of her village and go to another city for education!

This was the first time that a batch of six students of SDA school for Speech and Hearing Impaired, Kollegal completed B. Com. and graduated!


Supported by Helping Hand Welfare Society and sponsored by Asian Aid Organisation and Child Impact International, these children today dream of being placed at par with their peers in the industry!