When the staff from Asian Aid High School for the Blind were conducting campaigns for the school at the hills of the Gunupur Tribal area of Odisha in May 2017, they came across a young boy named Tuna Gamangha who was born blind. Tuna was an active boy but the staff had great difficulty communicating with him as he only speaks the language of their tribe. He was admitted to the first grade and was enrolled in the school in June.

When they sent the young boy to test his eyes in September, the doctors found out that with a successful operation, Tuna could retain 90% of his sight. After hearing the good news, the staff of Asian Aid High School for the Blind started looking out for donors who could help this boy gain the gift of sight and get a chance to see the beauty of this world. The story of Tuna touched the heart of a kind soul who agreed to be the donor for his operation. So on November 1, 2017, a bilateral cataract (Phacoemulsification IOL Implantation on General Anesthesia) operation was performed with great success restoring 90% of Tuna’s sight.

Today, the young boy who lived in darkness for 9 years can now experience the sight of the sun rays that reflect through the plush green leaves of giant oak trees. He can now discern the shade of white lilies, purple poppies and bright yellow sunflowers. He will get to see for the first time, that he got his curved lips from his mother and his wavy hairline from his father. Now, he not only hears the humming of the birds but sees their pretty wings in arrays of hues and tones flap every new morning. With such beauty to behold from what was once complete darkness, maybe Tuna could someday be an author of colors that are yet to be named.