Message from the CEO

Greetings! India is a country that is known for many things and while its vibrant culture and diversity stand out, its high rate of poverty is a factor that cannot be disregarded.The poverty issue of the country can be attributed to many causes, one being the low rate of literacy due to generations of poverty that run in families.

Even though the importance of education is being rampantly promoted throughout the country, there is a big disadvantage for children, who are not only poor but have also lost their parents or have a special need. And while a change in the whole cycle of poverty that affects the entire population of orphans and disadvantaged children in the country is desirable, it is not a possibility. But believing in the famous saying that ‘one act of kindness can change the world,’ no matter what little steps are taken, Helping Hand Welfare Society is dedicated to working on this one act of kindness where it can.

The organization has taken care of over 25,000 children in the past years and currently provides for over 6,000 children. We look after the needs of four homes and two special schools along with our funding partner Asian Aid Australia and Child Impact International, USA. Many of the children are now serving the homes and schools they were supported in, many successful stories have sprung forth from the joint effort of the donors and the staff.

For over three decades, HHWS has been creating a positive change by providing education opportunities, relief and community development activities through ongoing sponsorship programs and development initiatives for disadvantaged children and their communities across India. We hope you get to know what we do and what little impacts are made by our combined efforts. Let us all work together in bringing a change to the world through the life of children, one act of kindness at a time.


Binu Sam

CEO, Helping Hand Welfare Society